DRIVE4COPD is a community-centered public health initiative to educate, inform, and screen millions of people who may be at risk for COPD. As many as 24 million Americans have COPD but approximately half don't know it and remain undiagnosed.

As the Official Health Initiative of NASCAR® since 2010, DRIVE4COPD has screened almost 3 million NASCAR fans. The Nationwide Series DRIVE4COPD 300 race held at the Daytona International Speedway each February is regarded as one of the most important races of the season. The race serves to raise much needed public awareness about the third leading cause of death in America through its outreach to fans.

Led by the COPD Foundation, DRIVE4COPD aims to help people identify symptoms of COPD and take action by joining the COPD community. This large-scale education and awareness campaign is working to help bring COPD to the forefront through grassroots and national mobilization activities.

Take the screener

All Americans aged 35 or older are encouraged to take a brief, five-question screener to see if they might be at risk for COPD. If the screener indicates risk, patients are encouraged to take the next step and speak with their healthcare professional or call the C.O.P.D. Information Line (1-866-316-2673) to discuss what their score may mean.  Because COPD is a progressive disease that causes irreversible lung damage, early diagnosis and disease management are critical to helping patients breathe better in the future.

DRIVE4COPD is working with multiple partners from industry, the government and the not-for-profit sector to fulfill its mission to educate Americans with the message that early COPD screening and detection may help those with COPD to breathe easier.

What is the meaning of the pinwheel?

The campaign icon of a pinwheel symbolizes the movement and momentum of DRIVE4COPD, as the effort is racing to find people who may be at risk and driving to change the way people think about COPD.  The icon is an emblem of a person’s ability to breathe, as people with COPD may struggle to get enough air to make a pinwheel spin.

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Ability to Breathe

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